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Make Sense of Banks with Bankprobe.com

Using FDIC Call Reports, Web 2.0 and Big Data to Make Sense of Banks

New York, NY, (January 30, 2013) -- ParkLex85 LLC, a provider of financial technology, announces the launch of Bankprobe.com (http://www.bankprobe.com). Bankprobe.com analyzes FDIC Call Reports in real time, generates easy to use charts and reports and offers powerful analytical tools to help investors and bankers understand how each bank, as well as the entire banking industry, is performing. Bankprobe.com combines the ease of use of Yahoo Finance with data from FDIC Call Reports. FDIC Call Reports access through FDIC.s website is notoriously hard to use and have limited functionality. Bankprobe.com is here to change that.

Bankprobe.com offers numerous easy to use yet powerful analytical tools that help bankers and investors identify market opportunities, help with bank analysis, conduct peer analysis and identify market trends. Some of the features include:

Bank Screener
Search through the entire universe of banks in the U.S. (over 7,000) by using any of the 300 available metrics (i.e. Efficiency Ratio, Texas Ratio, NIM etc.)
Peer Analysis Tool
Easily compare up to 6 banks side by side with user defined metrics.
Industry Analysis Tool
Analyze the banking industry, compare different peer groups and see how the industry is doing as a whole.
Bank Rankings
Access to over 300 different bank rankings base on various metrics.
Bank Reports
Clear, concise, easy to read detail bank reports that give the user a quick and easy way to determine how each bank is performing.
Customizable Metrics Report
Create your own customizable bank report by picking from over 300 metrics.

Bankprobe.com offers a free basic service as well as a premium paid subscription that gives the user full access to the various powerful features and functionalities available.

For more information, visit http://www.bankprobe.com, email info@bankprobe.com.

About ParkLex85 LLC

ParkLex85 LLC, is dedicated to building easy to use, useful and powerful tools for the financial community.